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Alphabet House Montessori School Worksop provides a warm and supportive atmosphere, nurturing and caring for every individual child, instilling confidence and self-belief in all. We offer a broad range of experiences and opportunities encouraging creativity and inquisitive thought, achievable through the implementation of Montessori philosophy and pedagogical principles. In everyday work, we mix opportunity, challenge and a strong work ethic, which in turn develops community of young learners where happiness breeds success and success breeds high achievers. It is our belief that it is vital for children to enjoy the learning process and develop a desire to explore their own ideas through conversation, enquiry and hands on investigations.

Alphabet House Montessori School offers a beautiful and stimulating environment to inspire all of our children, irrespective of race, religion, gender or ability. We feel it is important for every child to fulfil their potential culminating in a strong and positive sense of self-identity.

Montessori ‘s belief that “The child has a mind able to absorb knowledge. He has the power to teach himself.” is how we understand our role in working with children, offering great care, guidance and constant learning opportunities for each individual child to self-learn through play.